STAC82 Home Page

About this site:

This site should allow you to gather all of the available information about this team that you may be interested in. We have general team information as well as member BIO’s. Feel free to look around, but the posting option has been disabled for all pages on this site. If you have comments or are interested in communicating with the the team (or any of its members) please visit our forum. The navigation buttons are at the top of the screen or click on the topic below.

About STAC82:

This page will give you some background information about the team.

Members Page:

This page will give you a gallery of the teams avatars selecting one will link you to that members BIO page.

Photo Gallery:

This page has gallery of general STAC82 pics with other album links below.

Requirements / Recruitment:

This page gives you the minimum requirements for STAC82 Operators, recruitment information and the STAC82 team application form.

STAC82 Uniforms:

This page gives you information about the uniforms of STAC82.

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